Making beer is not that complicated. There are four basic ingredients: barley, hops, yeast and, of course, water.

Making good beer is not that hard. Making great beer ~ now that takes some serious craftsmanship and artistry. We were thrilled to be honored with  first place in the Bier Stein's Civil War Beer Tasting for our Riptooth IPA!

Our expanding array of hand-crafted beer is brewed with tender care from the finest ingredients from around the world. We offer at least 14 distinctive house-brewed beers on tap at any given time, with seasonal and other concoctions added at the brewers' whim.

Our first beer was brewed in May 2013 and we are joyously expanding the selection. Our current brew menu includes:

Odd Fellow Wheat

Blue Pool Pils


Li'l Red Ryder

Alpine Trail Pale


The Lost City IPA

Reggie English IPA

Riptooth IPA

Hobbit's Habit Olde Ale

Foggy Scotsman Porter

Over the Clover Irish Dry Stout (on nitro)

Streetcar Stout

UnObtainium Double IPA

Barrel Aged series

From Russia with Stout (coming back soon)

Our beer & beverage menu is available for download in pdf format.

Cask Ales

We also feature two beer engines pouring a rotating selection of both house- and guest-brewed cask-conditioned ales for a different beer experience.

Whereas beer normally goes through a conditioning phase after the yeast has been removed, cask ales experience a secondary fermentation period on the yeast right in the cask. This results in a natural carbonation that is much less pronounced than standard beer. Cask ales are traditionally stored and served at "cellar temperature" rather than refrigerated, and are poured through beer engines that "pull" the beer instead of "pushing" it with CO2.

The result is a smooth and highly quaffable beer that brings out the subtleties, and complexity, of the hops and malt.


Growler fills are available and we have a special $8 growler fill on house brews - every weekday afternoon from 2pm to 5pm!

Every week we also feature one of our house brews as our Beer of the Week for a special price of $3.50/pint.

Dock Sales

For information about keg sales and corny fills please call our brewery line at 458-201-7039 (hours 11 am to 4 pm Monday thru Friday, closed weekends).


Odd Fellow Wheat 4.2% ,  5 IBU

A Belgian style wit, only brewed with our very own house yeast. Mild, spicy flavors with orange, lemon, chamomile and coriander.

Blue Pool Pils 4.3% ,  25 IBU

Our take on the classic Bohemian pilsner. Brewed with floor-malted pilsner malt and Saaz hops. Malty & smooth yet crisp & refreshing with a spicy nose from the traditional Saaz hops.

Springfest 5.8% ,  22 IBU

A classic German lager in the Marzen style. Brewed for the spring season with German malt and hops.  Prost!

Li'l Red Ryder  4.9% ABV,  34 IBU

A Cascadian red ale brewed with  rye malt. Rich, spicy caramel flavors and citrusy noble hop aroma & flavor.

FURTHR Ambr  5.5% ABV,  32 IBU

A smooth, malty English-style ale with seven U.K. malts balanced by a variety of noble hops. Raise a pint in honor of Ken Kesey.

Alpine Trail Pale Ale  5.1% ABV,  44 IBU

A deep golden, rich and very non-traditional pale ale. Extremely wellbalanced and subtly hopped for a hint of citrus and herbs.

Reggie English Style IPA  5.5%  ABV,  65 IBU

Clean, bright & golden English-style IPA brewed with UK malts, Marris Otter and East Kent Goldings hops.

Riptooth IPA  6.2% ABV,  80 IBU

An intense array of signature NW hops backed by an international mix of malts.  Full flavored, robust, and not at all subtle. Winner of the 2013 Civil War Beer Tasting at the Bier Stein!

The Lost City IPA 6.5% ABV,  75 IBU

Our newest IPA featuring El Dorado hops from the mythical lost city of gold. This golden kettle-hopped IPA has a creamy, tropical start on your tongue morphing into a satisfying, resinous bitterness.

The Last Van Vetter  7.5% ABV,  101 IBU

Resinous, piney hop blast with fruity notes for a true NW IPA experience & tribute to our last brew in the Van Vetter dairy tank.

Hobbit's Habit Olde Ale  7.1%  ABV,  24 IBU

A rich, smooth, malty, copper-colored ale with subtle noble hop aromas that balance out this complex yet very quaffable beer. A legendary van Rossem brew!

Hobbit's Little Helper  9.2% ABV,  43 IBU

A rich, deep mahogany ale with a spicy ripe cherry nose and a long, warming finish. Brewed with one third more malt than the original Hobbit’s Habit for a truly fine winter ale. (Served in 10 oz glass)

Foggy Scotsman Porter  4.3%  ABV,  25 IBU

Complex malty aromas of dark chocolate, honey, ripe figs, coffee, with a hint of smokiness.  Smooth and silky.

Over the Clover Irish Stout  4.3% ABV,  30 IBU

Roasted coffee and chocolate flavors backed by a silky smooth body and a clean, dry finish. This fine brew will bring tears to an Irishman's eyes! Served on nitro.

Streetcar Stout  5.9% ABV,  30 IBU

Dark & rich with flavors of roasted cocoa, dark chocolate, and caramel. Big flavor with a smooth finish.

UnObtainium 3 10.5% ABV,  100+ IBU

This double IPA is brewed with eight varieties of hops to tantalize your taste buds. Balanced with an intense, malty backbone fading to a rich warm finish.

Barrel Aged Series

We've taken a few of our favorite beers and aged them in rye whiskey barrels to add richness and depth. Enjoy a rotating selection of Barrel-Aged Hobbit's Habit, Foggy Scotsman, Streetcar Stout and even a Barrel-Aged Blue Pool Pils on tap.